Well behaved women seldom make history. History is full of women. Women who created, inspired, defied the odds. Women who wrote, painted, invented. Some are remembered others forgotten, but they were there. My name is Tabitha, I dont expect to make history, I certainly don't expect to be remembered in 1,000 years time like some of the women written about here. But if I can help more people know the names of more women which history has neglected, then my time on this earth, will have been well spent.

I have a degree in History. I am the first woman in my family to achieve such a qualification. My dad has a degree, so do both of my brothers, but not of the women in my family do. That is not for lack of ability, my mother went to University for a few weeks but decided it wasn't the place for her, my great-aunt was a nurse for most her working life (despite her parents disapproval). I take great pride in knowing I have achieved something which was not possible for most my female ancestors. My great-grandmother was 38 when she died, and I sometimes wonder what she would think of my achievements. She was awarded a scholarship to Cardiff High school, one of three on offer to students from across south wales - an achievement she was proud of. I like to think she would be proud to see my academic achievements, opportunities which she was denied. So it is in her name, and the name of all women who have achieved greatness, and those who were never permitted the opportunity.

Women seldom make history - and its about time that changed.